Killings force 243 students into abandoning 4 IP schools CLASSES have been suspended in the four tribal schools in Talaingod, Davao del Norte since Jan. 18 after the death of 15-year-old Lumad

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Congratulations to Coach Barry Greener for being named the Patriots Coach of the Week by the New England Patriots, as reported by our friend Danny Ventura of the Boston Herald.,,,,,,,

The Providence Journal reports that Governor Chafee's proposed budget contemplates the enactment of Article 22, "The Modernization of Legal Notices and Advertisements" . Article 22 would replace the requirement to publish,,,,,,,

Age Joke 1 “Willie,” said his mother. “I wish you would run across the street and see how old Mrs. Brown is this morning.” “Yes’m,” replied Willie, and a few minutes later he returned and,,,,,,,

NORTH DAKOTA: Former CBS affiliate KRDK-TV/4 (Valley City-Fargo) is apparently going with a multicast strategy under its new owner, Ravi Kapur's Major Market Broadcasting. KRDK continues to carry the previously-reported,,,,,,,

The Clark County School District spent over $13,000 this year to discuss the child sex-education advocacy program that made headlines when it was reported that the district was considering teaching masturbation to Kindergartners.,,,,,,,

Sullivan Ballou's Letter to his Wife Ordinances of Secession of the 13 Confederate States of America Fugitive Slave Act Dred Scott Decision Emancipation Proclamation Declaration of Independence Read Selected Battle Reports from,,,,,,,

Fan-filmed video footage of SLIPKNOT‘s February 5 performance at László Budapest Sportaréna in Budapest, Hungary can be seen below. As previously reported, SLIPKNOT frontman Corey Taylor was asked ...

Blue Dots = Oil & Gas Health or Safety Issue Reported Oil & Natural Gas Drilling Sites , Power Plants , Renewable Energy , Refineries Add pin, enter address, describe health issue(s) & number of people Share map with friends, family,,,,,,,

Maybe, but the current pace of wage increases for workers in the US–even after the pop reported in January’s payrolls data–still implies inflation at a rate that’s well below the Fed’s 2% target.,,,,,,,

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