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  • A new study by PayPal and SuperData found that most people playing mobile games in the bedroom, living room or bathroom. The report is based on data obtained in Russia, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Poland, Spain, UAE, UK and USA.


  • Living with her real events and everyday life, victories and failures, problems and contradictions make adjustments in our understanding of many things, ranging from the theoretical concepts and issues to everyday existence. This is superior to the strength of his element man-cultural forms of life: and only seems that everything created by man is able to transcend its creator.


  • Since we are getting closer to Mars every year. NASA hopes that man set foot on the red planet in 30 years, and Elon Musk put the figure at 10 years: at first it will be a test flight, between the ultimate goal is to create a self-sustaining Martian cities.


  • Virtual Tour

    Virtual tours can be used as a promotional tool. When the sale of the tourist product to the client brief virtual tour can be offered. It may include the demonstration of attractions, beaches and resorts around the world.

  • Google news

    Google announced for All Android-developers a new opportunity, thanks to which they can bring their applications to Google Play more users: promotional subscriptions at a discounted price. "Soon you will be able to ask an introductory price for new subscribers to the predetermined period of time", - said the representative of the company Larissa Fontaine. - For example, you will be able to offer membership for $ 1 per month for the first three months, before enter into force on the normal price."

  • Yahoo! news

    Yahoo! reported on the results of the III quarter, slightly better than expected on Wall Street. But do it now care market. The company at the center of the scandal with the theft of 500 million accounts data.